Crosszone CZ-1

Ifi Audio Pro iCAN
Entreq Cleanus Strömrening

35.000 kr

Intressant hörlur från Crosszone! En japansk kvalitetsprodukt för dig som söker en ljudbild som mer påminner om den från en stereoanläggning och konsertsammanhang där man hör och upplever ett sceniskt framträdande framför en istället för inuti huvudet.
Kommer med kabel i syrefri koppar och 3,5mm kontakt.

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Do you want your headphones to sound like loudspeakers? The Japanese makers of the Crosszone CZ-1 think you should. Their view is that the inherent individual-ear isolation of headphones is unrealistic in terms of how we perceive sound, while it tends to deliver soundstaging which is in and/or above your head. Which can be enjoyable in its way, but real sound isn’t like that—it’s all around you, with both your ears hearing things from both sides, plus reflections from room surfaces, all filtered through the undulations of your outer ear to deliver precise locational cues.

Humans didn’t develop this listening system for music, of course—it was more about not getting eaten by cave panthers. But our experience of music necessarily uses this mechanism by default, and when music is played on loudspeakers each driver will be heard by both ears, with plenty of reflections, all filtered via your own favoured head shape and its own particular head-related transfer function (HRTF). Recorded music is, on the whole, mixed using loudspeakers and intended for replay using loudspeakers. No wonder headphones sound so different; they are indeed an unnatural way to receive sound.

What does the Crosszone CZ-1 do about this? Well for starters it uses three drivers per oversized headshell, spaced physically apart, with the two main drivers being positioned well forward of the ear, with ports that exit behind the ear, so that your HRTF has a chance to come into play. It doesn’t go so far as to feed some left signal to the right and vice versa—both channels remain isolated in signal terms. But in addition to the front pairing of 23mm high-frequency driver and 40mm low-frequency driver, the CZ-1 adds a second 40mm driver in the more conventional side position, calling it a ‘Cross Feed’ driver, aiming to be interpreted as room effect, apparently frequency-tweaked and time-delayed accordingly.
We have seen something of this ilk before in Paul Barton’s PSB ‘RoomFeel’ headphones, but not delivered through physical driver positioning, as here. Nor with such exotic materials—those two front drivers use beryllium, vacuum-deposited on polymer film. Beryllium’s lightness and stiffness are ideal driver characteristics, though it doesn’t come cheap.


Type Closed type dynamic stereo headphone 20Hz-40 kHz
Sensitivity 97dB
Impedance 75Ω
Weight 485g(Body only)
Accessories Dedicated 3.5m Cable (Standard Plug)
1.5m (Mini Plug)
Adaptor Plug
Instruction Manual Warranty Card