Line Magnetic LM-215 RÖR-CD

Line Magnetic LM-502 CA Rör DAC
LM-MINI-84IA Integrerad Hörlursförstärkare EL84 – 2X3W

13.500 kr

Prisvärd rörbestyckad CD-Spelare.
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●The use of high-end Philip servo chip
●Decoding chip using BB company have a fever American high-end PCM1792 chip
●The use of I/V conversion American BB company senior operational amplifier OPA2604
●Output using a 12AU7 electron tube
●Infrared remote control function
●Seven digital LED as information display
●A group of analog RCA signal output interface, digital optical fiber, coaxial output interface


-System:Tube Compact Disc Player
-Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz,+3dB
-S/N Ratio:110dB
-Dynamic Range:120dB
-Output level:2.5Vp-p
-Read time:5S
-Dimension (WxDxH):370mm x 325mm x105mm
-Net weight:6.7kg
-Power Consumption: 18W
-Coaxial/Optical Output: Compatible with S/PDIF standard.
-Working conditions:temperature: 3 ℃~35 ℃ Moisture: 9%~90%